Wow.  The Sean and Richie Listeners have come through again.  Because of your quit wit and very last minute input,  I had a song to sing today.  Phewwwww!

screen shot Troy Google Maps

I must mention here that, of course, Sean had to annoy me during the performance of this song.  He was too busy listening to the background vocals, and not paying attention to the lyrics that I - I should say WE - worked so hard on.  Actually, what annoyed me is that he was right.  Even after I recorded the vocals yesterday ,  I said to myself "they are not strong enough" .  But I didn't think anyone would notice.  Well, I've learned over the past 12 years that you can't put anything past him!











So first I will play you the song as was performed on the air this morning.

Now you heard his comments at the end right?  Well, I went back into the studio this morning and "beefed up" the vocals to hear how it would sound.  I'm going to spring this on him tomorrow, just to bust his chops -- I mean redeem my masculinity.

UPDATE:  Surprise visit from the Mayor on Friday's Sean and Richie Show

Special thanks to Facebookers Cathie Roberts Horton, Pam Drafts Mulheren, and Kevin Hayward for cleverly trying to rhyme Tutunjian with "pungent onion".  I loved it.

Join us again next time for YOUR TOWN Thursday! Do you have a favorite town you'd like to have a song written for?  Cool!  Please leave a comment  and give me some facts to go with it.  They can be funny or factual.  Or funny AND factual.

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