I had a rough start today on the air.  I attempted to perform this song live and it didn't work.  My "drummer" was not cooperating.  Long story.  So I went into the 'GNA Parody Room and cranked this out for you folks in Voorheesville (is that spelled right?) 

I have some folks to thank here.  These were all Facebook contributors, and I couldn't do it without them.  Let's roll the credits (I don't know how to make them physically "roll" on this blog - sorry!

voorheesville mapquest


Beth Gagliardi

Amber Oravsky

Sandra Beardsley

Jaime DiBona

Jeff Frederick

Jackuelyne Patricia Barker (your first name is harder to spell than Voorheesville!)

Laurie Touchette

Adrienne Farragher

Alicia Vadney Gifford

(hope I remembered everyone! )

Ok- here we go!  Enjoy your new theme (for better or worse)

Thanks again for having fun with me, folks.  If you'd like your town immortalized (or ruined) in song, please leave suggestions at the bottom of this blog in the comment section.

(does anyone have pictures of this town that you can send me?  This blog looks a little barren without them! Send those to Richie@wgna.com and I will include!

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