This was an extremely fun and challenging song to put together.  Actually, they're all fun to do, come to think of it.  The challenging part was that most of the information I received about Amsterdam was negative!

Come on, folks!  I found alot of interesting, positive information about this quaint little city.  When in doubt, check their city's website,

However, my info sources were a bit more sarcastic.  One person said that it's known for having a mall in the middle of the city where noone goes.  Another said that it's a city where "a bulldozer is considered urban renewal" .  That was harsh!!

amsterdam ny

I'm only telling you this because when you hear the final product here, you might be wondering why my song has those "zingers" in there.  I'm just the messenger here!    I now present for you a parody of Zac Brown's "Knee Deep" in honor of Amsterdam NY!


Thanks again to all the Facebookers and on-air listeners for contributing to the song!

If you'd like to nominate YOUR town, please do in the comment section!

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