I loved the participation from all the folks in Waterford.  It made writing even MORE fun than normal, and I appreciate it.  I even had a Facebook friend suggest the song to parody, and it turned out to be a great idea, even if it was a song from 1905! 

screenshot from NY Canals Website

Since Waterford, NY is all about "water" and canals (Erie to be exact), two of our devoted Facebook friends  were pretty adamant that the song should be a parody of "15 Miles On The Erie Canal".    After doing some investigating, I discovered the Bruce Springsteen did a cover of this song, and that was the version I used for the "rewrite".  Thanks, Bruce!

Without further adieu, and with thanks to Jodi Devine Sheehy and Heather McNally and all of the "You Know Your From Waterford Facebook group members", I present the Waterford song!   Enjoy, and thanks for all of your help!


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