The online shopping trend is really no longer a trend and has lead to less foot traffic in our local malls. Next thing you know some of our favorite stores are closing up shop.

As seen most recently within Colonie Center, Sears is currently having a closing sale, so is FYE. It's sad, really. But, I can understand what's happening on both ends of this. The malls have less stores, meaning more vacancy and jacking up the rent. The stores are selling less in person to make up the difference. Next thing you know, it's time to go.

For me, I like the hunt of shopping. At Christmas time especially, I need to have items in front of me to know what to purchase for people, to get ideas. That's something online shopping doesn't typically help with.

Starbucks Secret Menu
Stuart Wilson/Getty Images

But, as the stores continue to wave their white flags, we're forced to change our shopping habits. The latest to pull the plug is the Starbucks extension, Teavana. This won't just be happening in Albany's Crossgates Mall, but all of the almost 400 stores will be closing their gates for good.

The closures will take place over the course of the next year, with many closing for good by Spring of 2018. Teavana bottled products will still be sold in Starbucks locations and grocery stores.


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