Has the Pandemic Turned Chrissy Into a Mall Rat
I have learned a lot about myself during this pandemic and now that restrictions are being lifted I discovered something that I swore I would never become. I have realized that I actually enjoy shopping. I am talking in the mall, browsing, walking around, and buying things in stores.
My Big Fat Greek Pandemic Shopping Experience (Video)
I have two very good friends with elderly parents and wisely, these folks are not spending much time outside of their house during the pandemic.  They're a close, wonderful, Greek family, but this COVID-19 stuff hasn't been easy on them.  One of the sons lives in Boston and the other lives in L.A.  …
Amazon Store Coming to Capital Region Mall
Many anchor stores are closing in malls across the country. In order to fill these spaces, it looks like an Amazon store may be filling this void. Rumor is that an Amazon store will open in a mall in the Capital Region.
Bed Bath & Beyond May Close Capital Region Stores
As stores continue to slowly open, some giant retailers just can't come back from the coronavirus pandemic. Bed Bath & Beyond announced that they will be closing hundreds of stores across the country. We may lose stores here in the Capital Region.
You Can Shop T J Maxx Online Again
During the coronavirus pandemic, many of our favorite stores were closed and we weren't allowed to shop. TJ Maxx not only closed their doors, but they also shut down online ordering. There is good news, their website is now up and running.
I’m A Habitual Wrong Way Grocery Shopper
I'm pretty sure I spent 30 minutes going the 'wrong way' inside Price Chopper last night and I felt like a horrible person because of it.  All of the isles are clearly marked with 'one way' arrows on the floor and I unintentionally awful at abiding by them.  One man saw me coming the wrong way and d…

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