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Still Have Toys R Us Gift Cards? This Store Will Take Them
When Toys R Us and Babies R Us closed their stores, customers were left scrambling to redeem gift cards. Now another store is stepping up and will accept those unused Toys R Us and Babies R Us gift cards. Good news there are four locations in and around the Capital Region.
Iconic Store Closing In Mechanicville
When I was growing up in Mechanicville, there was a store that was a staple in the community. It was around as long as I can remember, and we all knew the family too. Now after 70 years, they will be closing their doors forever.
Another Store Bites the Dust at Crossgates Mall
It seems like stores are closing left and right these days. Whether it's due to heavier online shopping, high costs in rent or a bump in minimum wage, it's taking its toll on our local malls.
In the last couple of months

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