It's always a lot of fun doing these songs about  local towns. Plus it's also an education to learn the history of some of them. Fultonville,New York is no exception.  

Here's the song and the slideshow if you don't want to read the rest, but I encourage you to!   The lyrics to the song are included at the bottom and also a couple of pictures from a local resident.

Fultonville is a village in Montgomery County. I'd love to know what the population is.   I'll bet half of the population wrote in on Facebook to contribute information for me, and I appreciated it.

I tried to create my own tune for this, but somehow it morphed into a Bob Dylanish talking blues.  Who knows how that happened.  I guess it's another by-product of sleep deprivation.  Be that as it may, here is a little slideshow I put together.  (At the bottom of this blog is a couple of photos sent by Kari A Bezio-Wenskoski, the Manager of the Jackson and Betz Funeral Home. According to her email

The first Pic is of a little tree growing from the Dutch Reformed Church in Fultonville on the corner of 30a and 5s.



photo by Kari A. Bezio- Wenskoski

The second is a spring pic from 2015 of Jackson & Betz Funeral Home, Main Street Fultonville.


photo by Kari A. Bezio- Wenskoski
Gonna tell you a little tale  bout a town so great
of of Thruway exit 28
right across the bridge over the Mohawk River
gets cold in the winter, your whole body will shiver
It was named for the inventor of an old steamboat
if you're a lover of history
this place will get your vote at
in the 1800's it was incorporated
it's importance folks can't be overstated
Fultonville Fultonville everybody knows fultonville
cobblestone hall and a famous Steam Mill
I'm very Fonda Fultonville
everybody knows Fultonville
Fultonville I've visited before and I'll go there still
I'm very very Fonda Fultonville
some people want to go back in time but they can't
to the days of the Glen and Mohawk Milk plant
the White Mop Wringer, the Switch grocery store
Philbrook market but --no more
there's an awesome truck stop where you could eat at any hour
had an 18 wheeler on top of the water tower
I saw a truck on top that's a weird location
I called my doctor and asked him to lower my medication
Breakfast at Mikes on main street
you won't believe the old friends you'll meet
2 Pizza shops if you got time to kill
head on down to Fultonville
And you have no choice but to love
Sawyer Fredericks - he was on the voice
the Braves are there
they're playing still
I'm very Fonda Fultonville