The failure of New York legislature to draw fair district lines has Upstate taxpayers left paying hefty bills.

In April, the State Court of Appeals ruled US House of Representatives and state Senate district maps drawn up by Democratic lawmakers were declared unconstitutional gerrymandering.

The statewide primary for Governor, Lt. Governor, State Assembly, and State Judiciary takes place on Tuesday as scheduled, but the US House of Representatives and State Senate primaries will be held separate on August 23. Governor Kathy Hochul and other state officials were staunchly opposed to moving the entire primary process to August. An outside expert is still redrawing the gerrymandered districts.

How Much is New York's Second Primary Costing Your County?

New York’s second primary leaves county governments are under doubled pressure to find the hundreds of poll workers it takes to staff polling locations, along with additional costs. Across New York, the total price tag of a single primary election runs around $30 million. Now Upstate taxpayers will pay hundreds of thousands in a time where money and budgets are already tight.

Thanks to information gathered by News10 and the Associated Press from individual county boards of election, we have updated county by county figures on how much the second primary will cost. With early voting hours increasing and a new law requiring absentee ballots to be sent with postage-paid return envelopes, prices could potentially rise even higher by August 23.

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