You can almost predict who will win the Academy Rewards on Sunday.  (They're not MY predictions, mind you.  I ain't that smart).  But this guy does makes sense..Richard Corliss in Time writes:

In Oscar voting, as in old Hollywood weepies, sentiment trumps sense,"  Critics may have loved The Social Network, but not a single one of them is a voting member of the Academy—but plenty of Hollywood guild members are."

So in other words, get ready for multiple awards for "The King's Speech". That's one I did see, and thought it was phenomenal, so I won't disagree on that score.

It'll be "heart over head" this year, says Richard.  And this is interesting.  Paraphrasing Mr. Corliss ... "In 1942, when How Green Was My Valley, a sentimental drama set in the UK was up for an Oscar, it beat out a little flick that you might have heard of...Citizen Kane..the story about a "wayward media mogull"   Isn't that telling?   (man, I wish I was that inciteful)..