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Enter to Win GNA’s Valen-Rhymes Romance Package
Brian and Chrissy in the Morning on GNA want to help plan something special for you and your significant other this Valentine's Day. The package includes food, frillies and a special customized song written specifically for you and your Valentine. Here's how you can enter to win Brian and …
Cuomo: Concerts Will Return in February
Governor Cuomo's message on Tuesday was heard loud and clear by the entire state of New York, and we agree: It's time to bring back the arts.  Whether it be live music, the arts or a comedy show, the Governor announced on Tuesday what many had been speculating for days in regards to their return.   …
No Debating It, GNA’s ‘Bleep Show’ is a Hit [Listen]
After watching the Presidential debate on Tuesday night, we asked on our GNA Facebook to play "fill in the blank."  The question was simple: The debate tonight was_____.
As the night went on, we received hundreds of comments and surprisingly, there wasn't much fighting amongst the parties. …
Listen to Chrissy's Mom Screw Up the Song
My mom is notorious for messing up lyrics to popular songs. She has been doing it forever. We thought that we would bring her on the show to use her funny talent to help her figure out what song it is and who sings it.

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