Owner of Abandoned Pup Says Ex-Boyfriend Did It, Not Her
Yesterday morning we were one of the very first to report the story about the abandoned puppy who Gloversville police say was tied to a shopping cart, alone near a body of water, and presumably left for dead.
So many of you were disgusted, and we have an update.
Fulton County Police Look for Savage Who Left Helpless Puppy for Dead
Police in Fulton County want some help. Perhaps you or someone you know may recognize the sweet, innocent, pup in the photo as local law enforcement searches for the person or persons responsible for leaving him all alone, to die.
On Sunday, a Facebook post that has already been shared thousands of …
Hudson Senior/Future Soldier Completes Challenge to Honor 9/11 Heroes
This is the type of young man whose ambition, dedication, and respect can inspire an entire community.  And if you're a parent or relative, how can you not be beaming with pride?
On Saturday, the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, a Hudson High School senior completed the "110 Story Challenge…

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