There is a real threat to our beloved nation's stability--a shutdown!  Shutting the whole government down?  Besides the embarrassment we have to weather around the world, what does that actually mean?

Do they put plywood on the doors to the Oval Office?  Do they hold an "everything must go" sale at the Obama's home?  Not exactly.  But I wanted to find out, so I thought I'd share.

At the risk of making this the world's longest blog, I will say that it's serious, but not everything would close down.

You can read all the fun news in this article from the LA Times, but in case you are short on time, I will try to sum it up for you (according to the article):

1.  In 1995 when this happened, hundreds of thousands of federal workers lost jobs, and 800,000 were furloughed.

2. Social Security payments were delayed.  How do you pay  bills?  (and people have a tendency to want to eat 3 times a day!)

3. Museums?  Close 'em!    Parks?  Shut 'em down!

4. If you're traveling, don't try to get a passport mailed on time.  If you're a Vet, payments can be stalled off too.   That's what happened last time!

5.  Very essential services will be kept open (emergency and law services).  Great!  Cuz if's seen TV recently, you can get a good luck at what anarchy looks like.

Geithner, Bernanke Take Part In Unveiling Of New Hundred Dollar Bill

This is what happened before, and history could repeat itself.  Just thought you should know.  Feel powerless?  Yep, me too.

I need a motrin.

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