Nine local school districts will vote on increased security measures on Tuesday. When the votes are in and budgets are approved, it will affect the safety inside these schools. In an effort to increase security in our local schools, voters will be asked to approve budgets to aid in the safety. According to the Daily Gazette, there are nine schools that will vote on it Tuesday. Voters in Mechanicville, Stillwater, Gloversville, North Colonie, Fort Plain, Fonda-Fultonville, Mayfield, Schuylerville and South Glens Falls will decide whether to establish a new school resource officer position.

The school resource officer's roles are law enforcer, emergency manager and educator, and informal counselor. Each school district is working with the local police departments to help with the costs to ensure a more established position inside the schools.

The school districts have varying plans and monies budgeted for the resource officer. To see the plans for the different districts, the Daily Gazette outlined some of them in the article.

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