I apologize for using a song this old, but it kept floating around in my head.

Remember the old song "The Name Game?" You know-- "Shirley, Shirley, Bo Burly.....etc." Well, I had to get it out of my head and onto my multi-track recorder so I could get some sleep! 

Congress Convenes On Columbus Day As Government Shutdown Continues
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I won't recap the whole government shutdown thing. If you want the latest, you can read from CNN.com, which basically tells us at the time of this writing that there has been a postponement in talks, LIKE WE CAN AFFORD TO WAIT ANY LONGER!!  This is absurd, isn't it. Who's to blame? I think they all are!  Here's the song with lyrics to follow.

The Blame Game

Lyrics ©2013 Richie Phillips

All Rights Reserved
Come on everybody
Let's play a game
As the country goes to hell
Let's find some names that we can blameObama Bama Bo Bama
Negotiate he don't wanna
Can't stand all the drama

ObamaBoehner Boener Boehner
Hating him's a no brainer Boehner
Nothing but a complainer
BoehnerFurlough furlough Bo burlough
Do we get back pay?  no
Can't afford to buy Merlot

FurloughCeiling ceiling debt ceiling
raising it's not appealing
Stop the wheeling and dealing
Is that what your feeling?Action action, want action
we don't get satisfaction
when it's time for reelection.  Rejection

Mitch Mitch Bo b***h---- Nevermind.  The blame game


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