Vote: Troy Schools Considering Veteran Tax Exemption
When you own a house, part of the taxes you pay are to the schools in your district, whether or not anyone in your household utilizes them. If you're a veteran and live in Troy, you may soon be exempt based on the outcome of this vote.
59 People Arrested in Act of Civil Disobedience at Capitol
A peaceful protest turned ugly this afternoon as hundreds of protestors lined themselves up in front of the governor's office expressing their concern over the state's budget.
They feel the governor's budget benefits the wealthy at the expense of the middle class...
Did You Miss the News Near Albany Today?
National - The deadly capsizing of the Costa Concordia could cost a lot, coming at the worse time of year.  Of course this time of year is the start of the peak of booking season for cruises.
An Actual On Time Budget In NY? (AUDIO)
Praise the Lord and pass the merlot!   We've got, in theory,  a budget "agreement" in New York.  And we did it before the deadline.  (Again, in theory--they still have to sign the paperwork).  According to the Albany Times…