Cigarettes, e-cigs, liquid nicotine, non-tobacco Shisha, rolling papers and pipes, if you're going to buy any of 'em in Albany county soon you'll have to be 21+.

I totally get what Albany County Executive, Dan McCoy is trying to do and it hasn't come without people starting a fight, as he told the Times Union.

"You can serve your country. You can drive at 16. You can vote for President of the United States at 18, but you can't drink and smoke, it was a tough call," he explained.

It's all about trying to prevent smoking at an early age and educating those of the dangers. However, haven't we known now for a long time the dangers that come along with smoking? Has it curbed people from beginning the horrible habit? Definitely. Though there are plenty that still pick up a cigarette knowing the side effects down the line. I believe, and maybe it's just me but if someone is going to smoke, they're going to smoke. Like alcohol, the age factor doesn't seem to matter much. It just makes it maybe a little more difficult for the under aged to get their hands on it. But again, if they're going to do it, smoke or drink, they'll find a way, it's inevitable.

New Yorks Secretary of State still has to sign off on this law, but as soon as they do it will go into effect immediately.