New Law Prevent Stylists And Barbers From Getting 'Jipped After T
What happens when you cut and style a clients hair and he or she bolts without paying?  After you've been restrained from chasing them down with a pair of sheers, you're probably left without much recourse. If you're a local salon or barbershop owner, or perhaps a stylist, you'll be happy to know th…
E-Cigarettes Now Banned in New Public Place [VIDEO]
When they first came out, it seemed like electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) were the best of both worlds for smokers. They still could smoke but it was more accepted in public places without the smoke and smell. Now, another place is added to the list of where they're not allowed.
New NY Bill Could Affect Your Next Job Interview
We've all been on a job interview. The stressful questions, the feeling that every word we say determines our potential future with that company. Now, there's a bill that may take one of those stressful questions away.

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