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My Trick to Get Out of Jury Duty [PIC]
About a month ago, I got a letter from the Commission of Jurors at the Albany County Judicial Center and I thought for sure I was being summoned for jury duty. It turned out to be a website I was instructed to go to and fill out a questionnaire about myself to serve on a future jury. I thought then that they were just gathering information and it would be a while until I had to serve. I was wrong.
'FINEally' Pass a Stopped School Bus in Albany County-Pay Up
It is unlawful to pass a stopped school bus in either direction but before this new legislation passed, it had to be witnessed by a police officer. Now the new law, which passed this week, allows surveillance cameras to be admissible to fine and prosecute the drivers who blow past a stopped school bus.
Healing Through Stitches-Albany County COVID Quilt Project
There has been so much loss throughout this pandemic and none more than with the elderly in the Capital Region. The Department for Aging has launched the Albany County Quarantine and Memorial Quilt Project. It is an effort to have families and friends of loved ones who have lost someone to COVID-19 to express themselves about the pandemic while honoring those they have lost.
Hospitality Help For Albany County Businesses
No industry has been feeling the effects of the pandemic quite like the tourism and hospitality industry. Now there are grants set up to help those who have been affected. Here's how you can apply and receive up to five thousand dollars in grants from Albany County.
Guilderland Reports Loose Emu This Week
When you think of emus, I can probably bet that you don't think of the Capital Region, right? Well, tell that to the residents of Guilderland who were dealing with trying to catch one this week!
Local Places Where You Can Buy ‘Legal’ Fireworks
As we approach the 4th of July, get ready to see pop-up tents that claim to be selling "Fireworks".  They're not.  The technical term is 'sparkling devices' and for the record, they're not the big explosives that people in our neighboring states are able to legally sell.  With that being said, you may still purchase some safer, less volatile alternatives to help make your 4th a little mo

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