I love these videos. For the past couple of years I have posted these "Black Friday Shopping List Prank" videos from the "YouTubes".  I still think the first one I posted a couple of years ago was my favorite but this one is fun because the items on the list were sent in from fans.

The first time there were 2 friends and they wrote shopping lists for each other made up of completely made up and many times ridiculous items that they had to ask store employees to help them find. The best part is that they did a great job keeping a straight face but once in a while even they would get one so funny they lost it a bit.

This time it's just the one guy and he is going on a list made up completely by people who made suggestions on the intewebs. Some of the items are just too funny, and the guy in the video does such a great job of explaining the item to the employees.

I love that this has become a yearly tradition for us so without further adieu, here is this year's "Black Friday Shopping List Prank" video:


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