April Fools Day, Don’t Cross the Line
We've done April Fools Day pranks on the air before and most of the time people figure it out and play along. Those are always fun, but there are some pranks that just get under my skin.
Cell Phone Crashing Prank [VIDEO]
I only like fun and harmless pranks. I have zero interest in hurting myself or other people, so when a fun and harmless prank presents itself I get excited. You need to watch this guy "Cell Phone Crash" people at Disney World.
Scary Baby Terrifies People On The Streets Of N.Y.C. [VIDEO]
Yesterday we had a whole lot of fun with a video that featured people , spinning out, falling and crashing as they fought a losing battle with winter, and let's face it we  enjoyed their suffering just a little bit. Today, there is a new video circulating that scares innocent people, is th…

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