In this weeks installment of 'This Is Why I Hate People' watch how this ridiculous man on the waters of Florida's panhandle flexes and poses for 'the Gram' while his girlfriend films the whole thing.  I've seen this before but it's usually girls filming other girls.  Now granted, this man has a body at least 3 times better than mine with stronger hair, jawline and facial features.  The dude may have movie star looks, but how can he not know how detestable he is? Perhaps that's the beauty of it - he totally knows but does't care at all.  For that, he's not a complete 10 on the shmuck-o-meter.   On the other hand, his head may be so full of sea-shells and hermit crabs to know the difference.  He's seen here jumping out of the water and hulk flexing for the video; even stopping midway through to examine his level of sexy while his willing girlfriend aids him.  Please don't mind the cursing in the video.  I was trying to relax on my vacation and this really annoyed me.

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