Troy Man Pays Homage to Local Poop-Culture Pioneer
We still don't know how or why toilet paper became the impossible-to-get item hoarding item of the coronavirus pandemic, and quite frankly we may never learn the reason why.  But we do know that without the genius of a local man, there may not be toilet paper as we know it.  Now,…
Muscle Head Wreaked Havoc On Beach During My Vacation (VIDEO)
In this weeks installment of 'This Is Why I Hate People' watch how this ridiculous man on the waters of Florida's panhandle flexes and poses for 'the Gram' while his girlfriend films the whole thing.  I've seen this before but it's usually girls filming other girls.  Now granted, this man has a body…
I Owe April The Giraffe An Apology
A few weeks ago, I went on the air saying what an incredible internet hoax it would be if April the giraffe wasn't pregnant. I actually believed and wrote a blog about how, as April Fool's Day approached, this would be the best prank ever. Well, now I just feel bad.
Secret Star Was Amazing! See What You Missed [PHOTOS & VIDEO]
This time around was a little different than my first Secret Star back in the Spring; 1) I was more adapted to my position here at GNA 2) I knew what to expect going in 3) I also knew the line up going in which was different for all of us this go around. It really allowed us to know just how big of …
Drake White’s Worst Interview Ever [VIDEO]
WGNA'S Nick Kessler is at it again with the "Worst Interview Ever" series and this time his victim , I mean guest is Drake White. Drake was at SPAC this weekend opening for the Zac Brown Band and Nick caught up with him backstage before the show.

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