We still don't know how or why toilet paper became the impossible-to-get item hoarding item of the coronavirus pandemic, and quite frankly we may never learn the reason why.  But we do know that without the genius of a local man, there may not be toilet paper as we know it.  Now, you too,may pay your proper respects.

Many of us in the Capital Region have known for years that Seth Wheeler of Albany was responsible for the official toilet paper patent.  Where he was buried had been a bit of a mystery. 

Butt, local man, Duncan Crary, recently decided to pay homage to the man who made it possible to properly polish our pooper by visiting his grave site in Menands.

Crary points out various tidbits and factoids about our local nap-king who died in 1925 and other interested pieces of poop culture. If it weren't for Seth Wheeler, who knows what people would be hoarding these days. And as scarce as toilet paper is, Crary was quick to point out in his video that someone still had the heart to leave behind a roll for the man who helped us all have a shinier heinie. 


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