This is a pretty novel idea, but it could get a little complicated.  If your kid bullies, should YOU be fined? 

According to the New York Daily News website, police in Monona, Wisconsin are cracking down on bullying by imposing fines on the PARENTS.  It's called the "parent liability" clause.

Monona Police Chief Walter Ostrenga believes that to this "global" problem start at home. He's hoping that the citations will push parents to take responsibility for their children's actions.

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Personal opinion?  I'm not sure that throwing money at the problem is the ONLY solution.  It may be the answer for a certain segment of the population, like families that are financially strapped.  How about a wealthy family though.  They could easily write a check, give the kid a slap on the wrist and there's no accountability.

Education!  That's where we should be putting a high priority.  Drill it into the kids' heads early.  Make them write songs about it, darn it!  That's how you do it.

This is what the  Reading, Writing and Rhyming Tour is mostly about.  We're pushing good character traits, like not being a bully.

Want to hear some samples?  Sure you do! 

Deleware Community School bullying final copy
photo by Richie Phillips


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