School is winding down and many local seniors are getting ready to enjoy a final Summer in the Capital Region before life really starts to come at you fast.  Many of you may have heard about - or perhaps planning one on your own - a senior prank. I'm here to tell you DON'T DO IT!  It's not worth is. Unless of course you're clever enough to pull off an awesome prank like this one.

More and more schools are cracking down on senior pranks and local students have been warned: risk graduating late or not graduating at all.  Unless, you plan on doing something like a group of graduating seniors at Cumberland High School in Wisconsin.  Not only was it clever and impactful, but it was actually lauded by local law enforcement and recognized nationally as the only type of senior prank that will be tolerated.

It wasn't actually a hole, though. Using tape and a black tarp, the students created the illusion of damage, making it look like the car crashed into the side of the building.

The best part? This prank included absolutely no damage at all to school property, which is why police singled it out.


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