Awesome Senior Prank That Won't Get You In Trouble (PIC)
School is winding down and many local seniors are getting ready to enjoy a final Summer in the Capital Region before life really starts to come at you fast.  Many of you may have heard about - or perhaps planning one on your own - a senior prank. I'm here to tell you DON'T DO IT! …
Drinking Age Change to 19
The legal drinking age has always been up for debate. There was a time that it was 18 and then raised to 21. How is it that someone can go and fight for our country but can come home and still not be able to have a drink?
Who Will Win the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship? [POLL]
I hope that most of you are still alive with your brackets this year. I myself find myself in the very unique position of still being able to have picked the Champion but not win my bracket because of points. UGH! Even though I can't win my brackets I will still be rooting for Wisconsin to win …