A local high school softball coach has been accused by his players of fat shaming; insulting them in front of other players.  Two players on the roster refuse dress for games, and their parents are outraged.

Averill Park High School has had a very successful softball team in recent years, but it's coach is in jeopardy of being benched after allegations by players and parents that he's been bullying  members of his team.

According to News 10 ABC, longtime coach Ken Bailey has used some motivational tactics that are quite questionable.

Two players, Kelsey Mohl and Jayden Lee claim the hard-nosed coach made embarassing comments about their weight in front of teammates and Mohl told the news station that he called her a 'heavy-set hitter'.

Lee added, "He told me during practice one day that when I run the ground shakes. While saying to another girl, ‘if you had one less potato chip you would have been safe at first."

According to the report, Averill Park Superintendent Dr. James Franchini said quote,

“We have received some alleged concerns from a few students regarding coach bailey and are in the process of investigating those concerns. Beyond that, I am unable to comment on a personnel matter.”

Coach Bailey not to attend Wednesday’s game so as not to distract the players.


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