Here I go again…talking about Christmas.   I’m sorry, I know it’s still Summer, but I want to make sure we all know about these great deals from our local retailers!

Starting in just 3 weeks, Walmart will start accepting Layaway orders.  This gives us plenty of time to start Christmas shopping and have it paid off by mid December.   I don’t know about you, but I hate credit card debt.  Layaway is a great alternative.  You pay a little each week and then you’re done.  No huge bill in January!!  AND, you don’t have to hide the presents from sneaky kids, they hold them at the store for you!  Best of all, you won't have to fight the crowds Christmas shopping the year!  Win-win!


This is also a great way to get that 50 inch TV you’ve always wanted before football season is over!  What?  Who said that!

Click here for my article about the “Hot” Christmas toys of 2012 and go put them on Layaway before they are sold out!

What would you put on layaway?  Have you done it before?  Do you have any “tips” for those new to layaway?  Let us know by posting below.


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