I thought everyone regifted. Is it the best idea? Not really, but we know it happens. Apparently, my idea for this year crossed the line with Kristi and Chrissy!

Christmas can get expensive and a lot of the time you end up buying presents for a bunch of people you forgot about and never know what to get them. That's when regifting is perfect! You have something that someone else gave you that is perfectly good, you never used it but figured someone else would enjoy it. Apparently, though, I crossed a regifting line!

This year, on Christmas Day, I got a present from a family member that I don't really see myself ever using. It's perfectly nice, it's just not something I need. I didn't exchange gifts with one of my friends yet so I figured I could wrap it up and give it to her at the end of the week. I have something else for her too but if I can't use it and I think she can, why does the timing of gift receiving to gift giving matter?

If you were in my shoes, would you regift a Christmas present within the same week of receiving it? Would you have an issue if someone did that to you? Chrissy and Kristi (from the Times Union) couldn't believe I even brought it up but then, Kristi admitted that she'd do something that I consider even worse!

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