Wanna Dog For Christmas? - Beware of Scams
If you are looking to add a dog to your family this holiday season, beware of the many puppy scams that are circulating. Be especially aware if you are looking to purchase a puppy online. Here's what to look for.
Love Cowboy: Should She Ditch the Grinch?
Sydney in Castleton writes:
My boyfriend Sal and I have been dating a little less than year and the pandemic has really taken its toll on him mentally and physically.  He works for a company that laid off 1/3 of their employees so he's working like twice as much now.  I thought maybe the spirit of Ch…
Track Santa On Christmas Eve: Here's How
Santa Claus is making his last-minute preparations and getting ready to make his way around the world in just one night. If you want to track Santa's movement on Christmas Eve, there is a way to do it. Here's how.
Love Cowboy Guides Grouchy Grinches
Kendra in Stillwater emailed the show because of the family backlash she's been receiving over a decision her and her hubby made about breaking family Christmas traditions. Kendra says that they want to have a quiet Christmas morning - just the two of them - while her mom typically hosts a large fam…
Wrap Gifts and Help a Great Cause
'Tis the season to volunteer. Here's a great idea for volunteering this holiday season where you can make something beautiful and help out a very worthy organization.
Love Cowboys (Horrible) Last Minute Gift Ideas
There's about a week and a half left until Christmas and many of us still have some work to do.  Luckily for us, we have a guy like Love Cowboy on hand to make some horrible last minute gift suggestions.  Like I said, there's still some time, because if this was all you had in te…

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