With the coronavirus outbreak in high gear, Saratoga Springs city officials say that they must enforce social distancing and if they have to, they will start issuing tickets. The Times Union is reporting that police could start handing out tickets to those who fail to follow the protocols of social distancing.

The warning comes after the mayor said that with the parks still being open, and the weather changing, residents are packing Congress Park. She warns that social distancing guidelines must be followed. There have been complaints to the city about pickup basketball games.

Saratoga Springs officials say they will need help from the residents. They say they will issue tickets if need be. If residents fail to follow the guidelines, they will be issued a warning and then a ticket if they still don't comply. You could be fined up to $250.

Playgrounds around the city are open but officials say that you should sanitize surfaces and keep your distance from other people on the playgrounds.

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