Congratulations is in Order for Cohoes!
Over the last decade, plus, Cohoes has been in the process of reviving their little city. What had become a run down, in spots, fairly abandoned area has had a lot of hard work put into changing its reputation.
Which Town is the Poorest In New York? How About Massachusetts?
I've heard plenty of people complain about New York state. The term "Smallbany" has been thrown around quite a bit, but ya know what? I'm a fan. I love where we live and I think a lot of the time it gets a bad rap from our townies who just like to complain.
I say all of that because there a…
Which Capital Region Town Made the List of Snobbiest Cities in NY? analyzed 500 places in the state in order to bring you a list of the snobbiest places in the great state of New York.
According to the site, they started by making a list of all of the places in New York with 5,000 people or more, and then they looked at each in terms of the following …