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Baby Shark Live Coming to Albany [VIDEO]
Okay, parents. This is either the best news or the worst news you've ever heard. First, Baby Shark Live is a thing and second, it's coming to Albany. Sounds like a great Christmas present idea to me!
Get A 99 Pack Of This Popular Beer
Just when you thought no one could possibly know what to get you for the holidays, a popular beer has come out with a ninety-nine pack. Yup a ninety-nine pack of one of the most popular beers. It's only available in a few states and New York is one of them.
Brian's Mom Has Salacious Trump Dream (Audio)
It's been chronicled many times on the show that there's a divide in my parents household when it comes to politics. While Chrissy and I and the rest of the morning show playfully allows for each side to demonstrate their love (or disdain) for their political allegiance, a rather bizarre dream by Ma…
Country Star Admits Love For English Soccer Over NFL
We caught up with GNA Jingle Jam headliner Chase Rice fresh off a trip to the UK where he wasn't there to perform, but rather watch his favorite 'football' team play. Rice told GNA that he flew out there to watch some English Premiere League soccer as he's become a rabid fan of Manchester United or …
Love Cowboy On Brawlin' Bully Boyfriend
Chelsea in Princetown emailed the show because she's noticed an aggressive pattern developing with her boyfriend; he likes to fight.  She doesn't enjoy going out with his socially because at the drop of a hat, he's looking to drop somebody. In the 3 months they've been dating, he's already gotten in…

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