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Chrissy's Mom's 75th Surprise Birthday Parade
My mom turned 75 yesterday (May 3rd) and we were trying to figure out how we could make it special in these social distancing times we live in. It took a bit of organizing, but I think we made her day as special as we could.
I’m A Habitual Wrong Way Grocery Shopper
I'm pretty sure I spent 30 minutes going the 'wrong way' inside Price Chopper last night and I felt like a horrible person because of it.  All of the isles are clearly marked with 'one way' arrows on the floor and I unintentionally awful at abiding by them.  One man saw me coming the wrong way and d…
Chrissy Cheers on Family While Making Brownies
With all of this social distancing and my son, Ryan, not having any sports to cheer him on, I have resorted to everyday activities. Listen to this week's installment of Big League Chooch where I obnoxiously cheer on my family while making brownies.
Golf Course Opens For Social Distancing Fun
Good news for golfers and those who want to do a different kind of social distancing fun. A local golf course and driving range opening this week will have new protocols during the coronavirus outbreak.

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