'FINEally' Pass a Stopped School Bus in Albany County-Pay Up
It is unlawful to pass a stopped school bus in either direction but before this new legislation passed, it had to be witnessed by a police officer. Now the new law, which passed this week, allows surveillance cameras to be admissible to fine and prosecute the drivers who blow past a stopped school b…
Clear Off Your Vehicle or Get Fined
Whenever we get a significant amount of snowfall, there seem to be vehicles on the road that don't completely clear snow off their cars. Now police are cracking down and if you don't clear your car, you could be fined.
Don't Pass Stopped School Buses Or Pay
Kids are going back to school this week and that means school buses are back on the roads. A new law passed last month that will help catch drivers who pass school buses and the fines are hefty.
Beware: New Phone Scam
It seems every time we turn around there is another scam. There is one that is circulating through the Capital Region claiming they are from a local sheriff's office and you own money in fines.
Funny Highway Signs Try And Get Motorists To Focus
When you are on the road, especially when you are traveling for vacation or a summer road trip, you hope that other motorists are focusing on the roads and not texting or using their phones. Well another state has decided to be creative and funny with their highway signs in an effort to get drivers …
Buckle Up Or Pay Heavy Fines
A huge campaign began on Monday to crack down on drivers and passengers to buckle up. I can't imagine not buckling up whenever I get in the car and now police will be out in full force making sure you do.

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