This is the 26th "Year In Review" song I have done, and I have almost always used the same tune to parody (hey, if it ain't broke…….).   I present this labor of love to all of you, wishing you a happy and healthy 2015.  And now, let's go back, shall we?….

I love a good challenge, and this year was no exception.  Lots of depressing stuff, and too many influential people seemed to have passed away as well.  But it's my job to make lemonade out of lemons, so here it is.

Special thanks to Getty Images and Google Earth.  There would be nothing to look in this slideshow  if it weren't for them and their fantastic images!

Video is below with lyrics beneath.  Again, have a great New Year!

Time Is Marching On 2014
Oh yes, my friends, once again, time is marching on

I hate to be mean, but 2014

I'm really glad you're GONE
And now it's time to put into rhyme
all the events that come to mind
As we look back on the year that's come and gone

Do you have some time to spare? Let's start with Obama care
The President,  he wears a frown
His website is crashing down
Democrats' midterm crisis
You want crisis how bout Isis
say what? It's insane
How the hell do you lose a plane?
If you dig under 8 feet of  snow
You just might find Buffalo
Donald Sterling's racist rants
Kim Kardashian, wear some pants!
Keep Ray Rice in the NFL
That might be a real tough sell!
Apple's making tons of bread
Let's pour ice on peoples' heads!
Mr Cosby noone else could be more funny
Unless you ask 24 women and a Playboy bunny!
Sony brought down by a hack attack
Angelina is a spoiled brat
Donald Trump, cut your losses
Hunger Games, Horrible Bosses
There goes Taylor Swift
She made a little format shift
Lots of heated conversation
No progress with race relations
Someone's coughing
I've got a cold I can't get over
Watch out, he might have ebola!!!
Bye, bye Derek Jeter
He was the Yankeees' fearless leader
Hoffman's Playland let's start packing
Casino fight is finally over
It's not going in Saratoga
East Greenbush? Albany? (no!)
I won the bet!  It's Schenectady!!!
And we have to mention, as long as we're here
All the celebrities we lost this year!
Harold Ramos brought us smiles
James Garner, the Rockford Files
Mike Nichols. Lauren Bacall.,
Seems like this year we've lost them all
Philip Seymore Hoffman, he's gone too
Poet Maya Angelou
Shirley Temple's no longer around
and Casey's no longer "counting them down"
Joan Rivers and the way she talked
and you know the whole world is missing Mork
Wait a minute- are you off your rocker?
Did you just mention Joe Cocker?
Time to wipe the slate clean
Here's to a better 2015
Time is marching on, Time is marching on