This is a song parody about the Ashley Madison Website scandal that I performed live on the air and we recorded video of this incident as it happened.   It features Dave Scriven on guitar.   I thought it might be interesting to show what it's like in the studio as it happens, so here goes.  Although I'm calling this the "Ashley Madison" song, it's actually a song parody. This is a take off on the classic Hank Williams song, "Your Cheatin' Heart".  I'm sure you remember the original, right?  If not, I'll put that at the bottom of this blog.

In case you don't know what the Ashley Madison website incident is about, I refer you to this article from CNN (basically, a cheating website has been hacked and they threatened to release everyone's personal information)

That brought on this spurt of attempted creativity.  I hope you enjoy it. (I'm not sure the subscribers will!)


Here's the original classic for you (he did it much better)






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