And I loved them!  First graders CAN write great song parodies.  You might not think that would be possible, but you could see the "wheels turning" throughout the writing of this little ditty at the Mare Curie Institute in Amsterdam.  Want to hear it?  I knew you would!

When you listen to the words of this little song, you will agree… THAT WAS VERY CLEVER! Mrs. Giardino has invited me into her class before and we always have a great time watching these students do their thing! And I was very pleased with the song they chose to parody, because it was one that I knew COLD - "Drift Away" by Doby Gray.  Here it is, with the lyrics to follow.

                                                               " Drive Away "

       Parody of "Drift Away" by Doby Gray 

Day after day I'm dreaming bout the pool

or jumping high on the trampoline

drinking lemonade so I can stay cool
or riding my bike
or taking a hike
give me the summer and the great escape
or get in the car and head to the cape
and drive away
give me the summer we can't wait
get in the car and head to the lake and swim away
marie curie amsterdam drift away
photo by Richie Phillips

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