What a great time with this creative, high achieving group of 6th graders from Draper Middle School.  This is how they roll! (that statement will make sense when you hear this!)

This is my second time with Mrs. Stahl.  Actually she was at a completely different school when I visited her last.  She was gracious enough to let me bother her at her new place of business - Draper Middle School in the Mohonasen district.  I'm really glad I did.

This was one feisty group, and I mean that in the best sense of the word.  They were ready to write and sing, and I was very surprised at just how good of a group they were behind the mic.

Here is their sports related tune they came up with - which cleverly parodies "This Is How We Roll" by Florida Georgia Line.  (Lyrics to follow)


We are the kids from Draper School!

Warriors are the fighters.

They’re the best team in the world!

Sports have some real good benefits!

Exercise, commitment

You could get a scholarship!

There’s baseball, soccer, football, basketball

We have it all! (pause)

This is how we play,

This how we win

At Mohonasen, we work out in the gym!

We do it to stay fit,

We will never quit!

This is how we pla-a-a-ay…..

We’re singing this today on WGNA!



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