What a class!  What a school!  What a teacher! What a great time! (I get excited when it goes as well as it did during my visit to Mrs. Brooks' class.)

This was a second grade group at Charlton Elementary, and they broke the cute meter. Very fun, upbeat and creative to say the least.

We took a song that was popular about 50 years before they were born - "The Monster Mash" by Boris Bobby Pickett- and switched it up a bit lyrically.  This came out great, because it's a fun song with a serious message -ways to be safe when you go out trick-or-treating.  Here is their catchy little parody.  Lyrics are below the video for you to sing along.

 I was walking down the street and I got scared

 Trick or Treating with my friends and a car horn blared (beep beep_

 In the middle of the road where we should not be

 Getting darker and darker and we can't SEE!

 So be safe, when you trick or treat

 Make sure you flee, right out of the street

 Be safe on Halloween Night

 We're the kids..from Charlton Heights - WOOOOOOO

 (solo from Cloe the Witch)

                           Want to hear other songs from Mrs. Brooks' classes ?



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