Ok, let me explain. This was actually an event in Troy - The Victorian Stroll. Photos and backstory below. 

  The Victorian Stroll, for the uninitiated,  is an annual event in downtown Troy, and  features entertainment inside many of the businesses.   I was asked to do perform in a duo with lead singer of Big Sky Country, Mark Pierre who is an acquaintance of the owner of Pheil Hardware , but due to scheduling conflicts, he couldn't make it!  Being no stranger to playing solo gigs from my piano bar days, I took on the challenge. (Hey- Have keyboard, will travel! ).

I was about an hour into the gig having a good time.  As soon as I transitioned into playing a Christmas song,  someone generously dropped something in my tip jar.  I was thrilled-- until this guy came along to claim his portion!

photo by Richie Phillips

Ok, that was a joke.  What would an event in Troy be without famous resident, Uncle Sam?

And he wasn't my only guest.  Next through the door was none other than SAX-O-CLAUS.  And folks, this Santa could PLAY!

photo by Richie Phillips

He just jumped right in and followed along -great ear training on his part.  Hey, I'll brag for both of us - we nailed Jingle Bells! If you want to hear it you can click below.

And finally, an entire choir sauntered in (mostly to warm up - they had been singing outside for hours).  They were the RennseLYRICS (love the name).  I don't have a photo with them, but hopefully one will surface on Facebook.  They were awesome.

So playing in a hardware store wasn't as ridiculous as it may seem.  It actually gives you the TOOLS  you need to SHARPEN UP your musical skills.  (20 years in the PUN i tertiary)

Thanks to the fine folks at Pheil Hardware for having me in!  (Next year, Mark, we'll make it a trio - you, me and Sax-O-Claus.