It took me a few years to finish a song for this town.  I don't know what happened, but it was listener Amy Godfrey that brought this to light.  She shamed me into doing my job, I guess!  LOL  With that in mind, here's the completed song.

This is a parody of one of my favorite songs currently playing on WGNA right now -"We Were Us". It's actually part of a contest we are running to get the chance to sing with Keith Urban.  While watching all of the video entrees umpteen times, the song became even more of an ear worm, so I decided to use it for this nice little Massachusetts town.
AmyGodfreyPhotography - The Common Adams low res
Amy Godfrey Photography
Not an easy one to sing, by any means.  I blew my voice trying as you might be able to tell, but here it is.   The lyrics follow.
Big Mount Greylock at it's peak
That every one in the town can see
The Thunderbolt is where you  downhillcan ski
That's one place where you wont see me
Well its a town that is neat
It's the place to meet
You can hang on Hoosick Center and Park street
You can bike and jog each day
Any time any age
Adams incidentally is the home of a lady named Susan B
Cuz of her women's rights were passed
Im singing bout a town called Adams Mass
Well you can party that's right
Every Friday nite
Free movies in the summer
With s screen that's real bright
Pizza House
It's a real good time
So is the coffee at the Daily Grind
There's a rail trail that takes every ounce
Of ny energy to try to pronounce
The Ashtiwillticook can't say ir fast
You gotta love Adams Mass
AmyGodfreyPhotography - Park St Adams low res
Amy Godfrey Photography
Thanks again to Amy Godfrey, Managing Director of AH&M Marketing Communications for her info and photos!


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