That's right! The rhyming never stops.   I'm ready to put the bug spray on and write a song with your happy campers! 

For many years I only did the Reading, Writing and Rhyming program during the school year,  being that it is a classroom exercise. Then several years ago I got the idea to try summer camps.   It's a blast!. Now some summer camps are done outside like you would expect.  Niskayuna schools has a great program, for example.  I'm already booked to do that again.

River road Campground
photo by Cindy Elliott


There are other summer programs in the area, but are held in regular classrooms.  Hey, that's ok too.  I'm not picky.

So if you are a camp counselor or a teacher, and would like a possible visit, please let me know. Give me a couple of choices of weeks that you may be available.   Earliest I would be able to get there is 11 o'clock. I don't do afternoon programs (my brain shuts down by 1PM, being that I am up at 4am every day.  I hope you can understand!)

You can send the information to my email -  Please also include the size and age of your group, and i will get right back to you.  The program is free right now, so act soon!  Hope to see you!

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