This is a day that always puts me into a little bit of a funk.  So I thought I would use this blog to just quickly pay tribute to Dad, if you don't mind.  (I'll make it short-don't worry!) My dad was a proud World War 2 Vet who served in the Philippines.  I think that would be always  at the top of his epitaph.  He was very proud of that, of course.   He then became a police officer and private detective.  In his spare time, he  installed burglar alarm systems in homes and businesses.  And all these occupations helped subsidize a  "mom and pop" clothing store on Eastern Long Island (sorry dad, but mom pretty much ran the place--credit where it's due!!)   Mom's still goin' strong, by the way.  I'm bringing her back from Florida in a couple of weeks.

This picture is the vision that I always have in my mind when I think of him.  Always hammering something, changing the oil on some motor, or gutting a fish that he just caught.  He loved that kind of stuff.  He actually rebuilt an entire 36 foot boat as a hobby.

It's weird, because I never could understand him liking that kind of stuff.  I always kind of rebelled against it back then.   I'd much rather try to learn the new Beatle or Elton John song on our half tuned upright piano in the basement  or mess around with my old drum set and drive the neighbors nuts.

But recently our toilet handle sheared off.  I decided to try fixing it myself.  And I DID it!!  It was simple, and only cost $7!  It was really weird, but I felt almost as satisfied as writing a good song parody.  I think I'm going to change oil this weekend in his honor.

Yes, we were totally different personalities, to be sure.   He always wanted my brother Bill and I to take over the family business.  He wanted me to become a P.I. as well, but that wasn't going to happen!

But any of those "creative differences" between us are long gone.  I just remember him very fondly on this day.  And what makes this even a more bitter sweet day for me is that my brother's daughter, Jessica gave birth last nite in Brooklyn to an 8 lb 20 inch baby girl- Audrey Mina Lorenz.   (Congrats to Jess and Eric and the proud grandparents!!)

Jessica and Eric Lorenz

Wow, what a day!   OK, I'll let you alone now.  Thanks for letting me pop my buttons with pride for at least one blog!

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