Some people argue whether Christmas is the best holiday, but what’s not up for debate is that Christmas, hands-down, has the best movies of any holiday. It’s not even close. Since the 1920s, Hollywood has been churning out enough Christmas classics to keep you watching 24/7 from Thanksgiving clean through to the 25th.

Part of the season’s allure is sitting down with your family and friends, having a table full of holiday snacks, and watching your favorite feel-good Christmas movies. But what about watching those movies on the big screen again?

A movie theater

It’s already time to plan your holidays around Upstate, and with so many activities to enjoy out in the cold, you should take time to get into the warmth and dark of some Capital Region theaters in between lights displays. With ten already announced and likely a lot more on the way, go ahead and get these on your family’s Christmas calendar.

Christmas Movie Screenings Across The Capital Region

At least two spots in the Capital Region are getting their projectors and cocoa warmed up, releasing their holiday movie schedules for 2022. This year expect modern classics, black and white films that may have gone under your radar, and even a Christmas horror movie. (Yeah, that’s right. But let’s not pretend like Gremlins didn’t break that barrier decades before this one came out.)

Proctor’s in Schenectady will be showing films regularly in the Addy and the GE Theater, which has one of the Northeast’s largest movie screens, on Thursdays starting before Thanksgiving. Meanwhile in Albany, The Palace Theater will be showing movies on Mondays starting December 12th.

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