I'll never understand how someone could do this to a helpless, innocent animal...it just makes me sick to my stomach.  Last week, Saratoga troopers found an abandoned cat with what they believe are some sort of chemical burns. Police are now asking for your help to help identify the owner or the person responsible for the heinous act.

According to the Times Union, last Thursday troopers found a cat left abandoned on Hollendale Lane in Clifton Park with obvious burn marks of some kind on his poor little  face. The neutered male, according to the report,  was then brought to the Saratoga County Animal Shelter where he is being treated for the burns.

The Times Union is reporting that wounds may have been 'chemical burns'. How sad.

We're all hoping this cat makes a full recovery and finds a loving home.  I don't know what the punishment for something like this is, but whatever the law states the maximum amount of punishment is, I hope this sick, deranged individual gets all of it.

Anyone with information can contact the State Police in Clifton Park at 518-583-7000

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