UPDATE: Cat Who Suffered Burns Rapidly On The Mend
A Facebook post by the Saratoga County Animal Shelter updated the condition of 'Soldier' the cat who was found last week with apparent burns on his face.  Over the course of a few days at the shelter the cat's condition has rapidly improved!
Police Find Burned Abandoned Cat In Clifton Park
I'll never understand how someone could do this to a helpless, innocent just makes me sick to my stomach.  Last week, Saratoga troopers found an abandoned cat with what they believe are some sort of chemical burns. Police are now asking for your help to help identify the owner …
Pet Halloween Safety Tips
Let's not forget about our furry friends tonight during the Halloween festivities. Here are a few tips to keep your pets safe on Halloween.
Cold Blooded Cat Killer Gets 2 Years For Sick Crime
On a cold day in December, an innocent cat lay dead in backyard of John Gerhlein's Albany home, it's head nearly decapitated.  Almost 8 months later, Gehrlein sat in a courtroom waiting his sentence.  Judge Breslin's claws came out and handed down the max sentence of 2 years…
What? All People Don't Train Their Cats Like I Did? [VIDEO]
I've had my cat, Lyric since he was just a tiny little puffball of a kitten. He was the biggest of his litter, but he fit in my hand. With the smallest meow I had ever heard, he was full of energy and at times a bit of a terror. But, he's my "first born" and I love him to…
What is in there?
I was visiting my family this weekend and admittedly, I had my dog with me so he came with me everywhere! I decided to go to a local craft fair with my aunt and stumbled on these people as we were about to leave. The carrier itself caught my attention first (I mean look at it...

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