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Abused Fonda Dogs "Smiled" After Amazing Rescue (Audio)
For many people it was not easy to look at the "before" pictures of the seven Chihuahua's that had been abused and neglected by a Fonda woman.  But the remarkable transformation of these dogs known as the "Lucky 7" , has generated quite the response bringing smiles to so many peo…
Must See Transformation Photos of Abused Fonda Dogs
According to CBS 6 News, a Montgomery County woman was charged with multiple counts of animal cruelty after police confiscated and rescued 7 Chihuahuas living in horrid conditions over the weekend.
The animals have since been bathed, shaved, cleaned up and are now in the hands of some amazing folks a…
Reward Offered for Capture of Dog Killer
A German Shepherd dog found dead in Columbia County has led state police to ask for the public's help in trying to find the murderer.  Meanwhile, a humane society has upped the ante, offering a $1000 reward for any information that may help convict the dog killer.
Wildlife Cam Catches Coyote + Badger Being Best Buds
Some days most of us would would appreciate a simple text back from a friend wondering what's up for the weekend. Maybe we just need more friends like the coyote in this viral video that shows him excitedly waiting to for his adventure buddy; an unlikely waddling wobbly badger.
Cat Badge Fever: Cute Photo Of Albany Cop w Kittens Goes Viral
Photographs of an Albany Police Officer posing with some recently rescued - and super cute kittens -  has gone viral. The photographs, seen throughout day on the Albany Police Department facebook, has generated hundred of shares. Many people commented on how appreciative they were of the work by the…
Beasts Of Burden: 75 Escaped Bison Roam Schoharie County
A herd of 75 bison that escaped a farm in Sharon, NY are roaming throughout rural upstate and wreaking havoc on farms.  The herd escaped last Thursday and folks in pockets of areas in Schoharie County have reported sightings of groups of the large, powerful and at times unpredictable animals. Those …
Does Your Dog Love You? Try This Trick To Find Out
I was watching a documentary on Netflix recently with my girlfriend about dog behavior and how your dog perceives and understands reality called A Dog's Life.  Samathana and I have two little doggies named Biggie and Tiny - both of them a type of silky/Yorkie  terrier.  It's obvious to me (and anyon…
UPDATE: Cat Who Suffered Burns Rapidly On The Mend
A Facebook post by the Saratoga County Animal Shelter updated the condition of 'Soldier' the cat who was found last week with apparent burns on his face.  Over the course of a few days at the shelter the cat's condition has rapidly improved!
Police Find Burned Abandoned Cat In Clifton Park
I'll never understand how someone could do this to a helpless, innocent just makes me sick to my stomach.  Last week, Saratoga troopers found an abandoned cat with what they believe are some sort of chemical burns. Police are now asking for your help to help identify the owner …
Local "Pet Detective" June's Hometown Hero
County Waste has partnered with us to honor those in our communities who are truly making a difference and Josh Grassi from Clifton Park is truly one-of-a-kind.  He loves animals so much, his spends countless hours (and his own resources) tracking down and locating lost pets.

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