There are certain banks and credit unions that allow you to put a photo of your choice on your credit card, right?  You 've seen them.  Mine has a picture of a lake on it.  Maybe it's trying to tell me that I'm financially under water, but at least it's something "perty" to look at.  Now on the flipside of that, check this out.

nick nolte credit card

Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you.  Somebody wanted Nick Nolte's arrest photo put on his card, and it was approved!   Are you serious?  If you were Nick Nolte, would you want that  on someone else's card?  Wait.  Would  Nick even want it on HIS card?   And there's plenty more examples on (ODD being the operative word here!).

How about the World Of Warcraft Credit card for you gamers?    It's all on this site .

Wow.  What's next?  Being able to order whatever photo you want on your dollar bills?  Can you IMAGINE seeing THIS?

richie dollar

Need I say more?

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